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About my new song Dump Him and how it came to be

It's official! My new song Dump Him is live! Woohoo! ๐Ÿฅณย  I wanted to expand a little bit about this particular song. This is what I'm calling my quarantine project, cause I made it happen during the stay at home order, and it's my first time in a while that I mixed and mastered myself.ย  Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have had the time to sit down in front of my laptop and mix a song for hours like I did with this one. So I'm grateful I took the time to do it, and it actually kept my sanity during this very uncertain time in our lives.ย  Technically, this song is a remix. The inception of itย actually goes back...

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Quarantine Update

Has it been 3 or 5 months? All I know is that it was around St. Patrick's Day when my quarantine began. And unlike these pictures show, I've actually stayed pretty busy between work, music, and landscaping believe it or not! I will be giving you an update on that eventually... I do hope you've been able to relax more than me amidst all the craziness happening in the world right now. I can say that my sleep quality has improved significantly in these past few months, maybe due to the lack of strict structure and routine to my daily life. In any case, I'm learning that even as life moves back to "normal" I shouldn't be so hard on...

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Nature Therapy

ย  I'm in dire need of some nature therapy! ๐Ÿ˜ญ Nature is one of my favorite ways to disconnect from the world. It helps me get perspective on life, specially when going through a tough time. It's been months since I've seen the peak of a mountain or heard the water of a creek ๐Ÿ” Matter of fact, 9 months to be exact. And even then, it was deserts and canyons that I saw. Which has increased my appreciation for it allย ๐ŸŒŽ I promise to never take Mother Nature for granted, but until then I'll reminisce through my memories. I'm available for Video Calls most evenings now! Make sure to book some time with me so we can talk face-to-face...

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My Pandemic Life

When I first realized that โ€˜life as we know itโ€™ was about to be flipped upside down, not gonna lie, I rejoiced a little bit inside. Running an online retail business from home and having just got out of the Holiday Season, the thought of forcefully shutting down to shelter-in-place sounded like the type of retreat my body and mind had been asking for. A very fortunate and privileged state of mind. Being able to sleep in a little more, not having to work around the clock, having an excuse not be answering promptly to every customer service request. It all just sounded blissful. And more importantly, it meant that I would finally have the time to devote to my...

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