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My Pandemic Life

When I first realized that ‘life as we know it’ was about to be flipped upside down, not gonna lie, I rejoiced a little bit inside. Running an online retail business from home and having just got out of the Holiday Season, the thought of forcefully shutting down to shelter-in-place sounded like the type of retreat my body and mind had been asking for. A very fortunate and privileged state of mind. Being able to sleep in a little more, not having to work around the clock, having an excuse not be answering promptly to every customer service request. It all just sounded blissful. And more importantly, it meant that I would finally have the time to devote to my ultimate passion; music.

It all started off great. I would wake up rested and eager to get going with my day. I would have my first cup of coffee sitting in my home studio fantasizing about all the projects I was gonna make significant progress on. I made plans to remix some old songs of mine by only using samples. Also, I made it a priority to revamp my home studio by soundproofing the room and adding new gear. So the first thing I did was to go online and get all the recording equipment I always wanted to buy but never had the justification to do because time and work did not allow me to just sit down for hours and mix my own music. 

I was about to enter a period of my life where I could finally go wild and free with my dreams. I thought to myself, I’ve worked hard for years, day in and day out to get to this point where I have a stable financial situation that can grant me the permission to hit pause and focus on something else without disrupting my livelihood in the midst of a freaking world pandemic. How lucky am I.

That lasted about a week. Turns out my back stock of inventory was not robust enough to handle the onslaught of online orders that came in due to people being stuck at home needing something to do. And mind you, I sell puzzles. If there was a time for people to be interested in puzzles, that time is now! 

All in all, I couldn’t be more grateful. I have work, good health, and stability. But I am learning that in order for me to achieve my musical goals, it’s gonna take more than a life changing event. Because not even when the world shuts down will I be able to pause to work on music. That’ll only happen if I make the time for it.

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