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What Day is It?

Oh yeah, it's a Tuesday! Right? Wrong. The concept of days, weeks, and months feel kind of irrelevant these days. Like having money but not spending it, what's the point of that! 😂 *Sigh* Who would have thought 2020 would be such a, how do I put it, peculiar year. That's just mild compared to how most people feel about 2020, from what I've gathered. I totally sympathize with those feelings; life during a global pandemic is atrocious, and the amount of suffering inconceivable. 

But I want to keep this one light and positive. My hope is always to learn a lesson from the hardship. In this case, so far I've learned that I need to visit my family more often. My dad is in his 70s and I want more quality time with him. It's taught me not to take life for granted; from people in my immediate circle, to the acquaintances I used to encounter on a daily basis, to even the mailman or my neighbor next door. 

I've learned that food on the table is not always guaranteed. For a minute there I worried if coffee was gonna run out, you know that would have been the end of me. Work isn't guaranteed either, I'm grateful beyond I could even put into words that I get to have a job AND I'm able to provide jobs. 

I keep checking with myself "hey Sj, you good? You got food, water, shelter, I'm good, thanks!" If I'm feeling down I remind myself that it's alright, these are unusual times and there's no guidelines on how to manage through it. If I get into some argument with somebody I tell myself to take a deep breath and try to understand that tensions are high right now; uncertainty is part of life for everybody in this moment and we're better off if we take 10 seconds before we respond to any kind of negativity out there.

Ultimately, for as much anxiety and stress as I could be going through, I'm choosing to delay my emotional response to things and face reality in small bites. Or digest reality in small bites... you get what I'm saying. Anyway, I just needed an excuse to share these pictures with you 😜 

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  • Allen Schmidt

    Happy birthday. My bithday is on the 18 of august. I wood love to see more pictures of you . All of you front and back with nothing on

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