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Water Horizons

It has been a great while since I've seen the ocean. Usually I don't go more than a couple months without visiting salted water of some sort. I believe I have an inner magnet to the ocean, or at least to big bodies of water. I've never been a big fan of staying in a land locked places for too long, and it kind of itches inside when it's been a while since I've seen a water-sky horizon.

My favorite time of day to visit the ocean is definitely at dusk. And depending on where the beach is located you might have the sun coming up from the water or on the opposite side of it. I've had the opportunity to be at the beach on the East and West Coast and honestly they're both quite a unique experience. On the East Coast you get sort of a sunset in reverse (I say that because I'm from the West Coast so the sun setting at the ocean is what's "normal" to me) And on the West Coast you get this amazing glow and array of colors in the sky.

At this point in time I don't feel comfortable getting on a plane yet. That's just me. I've heard the risk is just the same as any other public place right now but. And driving to the beach from where I'm at is an 8hr drive at least. Which just doesn't sound very enticing. I feel like I would spend most of my time in the car driving there and coming back. 

But it's okay, it only makes me more hungry for it, more excited to get back out there and exploring new places. And this time I will make sure to take it all in a bit more slowly, and a bit more calmly, focusing more on engaging all my senses rather than just being there to cross it off my list. 

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