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My Happy Place - Self Portraits

Some of my happiest moments have been when I do photoshoots all by myself. It's more time consuming than having someone else push the camera button for me, but it's a lot more rewarding and liberating. I feel more in control of the creative process, I get to direct the photoshoot and star in it. All while learning new skills in lighting, modeling, and editing. 

In my bag of essentials to do this kind of self portraits you will find a tripod and a remote to trigger my camera to shoot. You will also find that I carry with me a pocket size LED light in case I need to brighten my face. Also, something very important; spare batteries. 

The locations of these self-photoshoots tend to be rented rooms. I consciously book the rooms that I think will give me the best quality settings for my pictures. Large windows, good lighting, interesting textures such as this old hardwood floor. I envision myself in the room and make a list of all the photos I could take in there.

Lastly, I let go of all fears and doubts of how I might look or feel. Nothing is out of the question when it comes to what poses to try, what props to use, or how many pictures I take. It's just me and the art. Or rather I become art, I am.

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  • Rudy Barron

    Thanks for all you do and your adventures keep me going !!

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