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Nashville Aquaman! 🔱

It's summer time! That means lots of time outdoors for me. And in the water of course! Whether at the lake or pool, you can find me stroking along. Kayaking is one of my favorite social distancing activities 😂 Great to do during the summer months here at the lake. Oh yeah, I'm more of a lake paddler than a river one. I just prefer moving at my own pace, making stops along the way to snap pictures and take in the views. I must admit though, unless the water is above 80 degrees I'm not getting in! I'm a wuss when it comes to water temperature 😂 I just don't see the need to be suffering in cold water. The...

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Happy Fourth! 🇺🇸

‪ Kind of an old picture, from like 2 years ago 🙄 But that’s what you get during quarantine 😂 Took it at the salt flats in middle of nowhere Utah, during a cross country road trip! It was actually one of my favorite photoshoots because the whole thing lasted about 10 minutes and over 4000 pictures were taken. We had to rush to get to this location because it was looking like we were gonna miss the sunset. It all payed off and it was magical. Anyway, very fitting for this holiday weekend in which I’ll be lounging by the pool 🏊 Sipping some icy drinks 🍹 And soaking some sunshine ☀️ ‬Socially distancing from the world, and hearing the fireworks...

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Progress 2020

I'm nearing the end of my 2020 season cut. Prior to this I bulked for about 8 to 10 months, packing a whopping 30lbs on my 5'10" frame! Never in my life had I put on so much weight in such amount of time. Or at least, not on purpose... This picture above is me at the peak of my previous cut, back in 2019. Weighing in at 148lbs. It was the first time I had ever dedicated this much effort into my fitness goals, it sure wasn't easy, but it definitely payed off.  I spent the following months working my way up to 181lb. It was a bliss to begin with because all I had to do was stick to my...

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Nature Therapy

  I'm in dire need of some nature therapy! 😭 Nature is one of my favorite ways to disconnect from the world. It helps me get perspective on life, specially when going through a tough time. It's been months since I've seen the peak of a mountain or heard the water of a creek 🏔 Matter of fact, 9 months to be exact. And even then, it was deserts and canyons that I saw. Which has increased my appreciation for it all 🌎 I promise to never take Mother Nature for granted, but until then I'll reminisce through my memories. I'm available for Video Calls most evenings now! Make sure to book some time with me so we can talk face-to-face...

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