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Progress 2020

I'm nearing the end of my 2020 season cut. Prior to this I bulked for about 8 to 10 months, packing a whopping 30lbs on my 5'10" frame! Never in my life had I put on so much weight in such amount of time. Or at least, not on purpose...
This picture above is me at the peak of my previous cut, back in 2019. Weighing in at 148lbs. It was the first time I had ever dedicated this much effort into my fitness goals, it sure wasn't easy, but it definitely payed off. 
I spent the following months working my way up to 181lb. It was a bliss to begin with because all I had to do was stick to my workouts, which I enjoy, and eat loads of carbs 😋 So I did. Up there is me at the end of my bulk. By then I was honestly feeling sick. So tired of eating, I felt my body begging for a break. On a side note, I've been doing intermittent fasting for almost 5 years now, and doing this type of bulk was extremely out of the ordinary for me because it forced me to extend my daily eating window from 8hrs to 12hrs.
Anyway, I'm slowly working my way back down. I had a deadline for June 13th because I was actually going to participate in a bodybuilding competition, but due to the pandemic the competition got canceled, and also gyms being closed kinda changed the whole plan. I have continued my cut from home and it's been going great, only it's taking me a little longer. 

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    looking good I know this takes a ton of work and effort. Keep it the good work

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    Like reading your post

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