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On my days off...

Today is my day off. But what that really means to me is that it's a day to do things that bring me joy. And it all starts from the moment I get up. 

On days off, if I don’t feel like getting out of bed right away, I just don’t. I’ll stay there maybe read a book for a few minutes, or just be on my phone. And when I come down to the kitchen and I don't feel like making breakfast, I just don't. And if all I want is to sip my coffee slow I do just that. And if that morning latte was so good that I want another one right after, then I go for it! You get my drift?
I try to break my own rules, break the norms that I set up for my daily life. From reading my previous journal entries, you may or may not have caught on to the fact that I'm a very structured individual. I tend to be very meticulous with everything I do. I actually pride myself in being very disciplined with whatever goals I set for myself i.e. fitness, music, work, etc.
When I decide to take a day off I go for it. I constantly remind myself "there's no schedule today." On those days, nothing is on the agenda, no deadlines, and no commitments! Granted, sometimes I don't get to have a full day off, maybe only a morning or an afternoon, but the function of it doesn't change. It's a mental break, a time to reconnect with myself. 

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  • Scott

    Nice hairy arm pit, I looked so relaxed on your day off. All the pictures I look good and hope you enjoyed the day. Everyone needs a day like that. Enjoyed all the videos. Even you cleaning your beard. Hope u had s good day today.

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