The Melting Popsicles is a project by Nashville maker and musician Sj Stone. He’s a self-driven 28 year-old who has built his own world through music, passion, and commitment to create non-stop. The songs he writes gave birth to The Melting Popsicles, while the music originated as a way for Stone to keep his sanity.

Anchored outside the Bay Area in Northern California, far from the scene and not making ends meet, forced Stone to uproot himself; pack his car and drive across country to the city of Nashville, TN. Things not always turned out to be what they seem. But learning to build on his full range of creativity was the real way to survive. 

Working within his limitations, Stone made the best from what was available. He played  for numerous bands in town and on the road. Working aimless jobs left him empty. He learned that the key to keep himself thriving was balance. Music had always been part of his life, yet he knew there was something still missing. That's when Stone poured his passion into a project that embraces who he is.

Today, he designs everything from the music down to the merch. He’s developing a design startup by day and pursuing music by night. With one foot planted in art and the other in technology, Stone has the confidence to do what he really moved to Nashville for in the first place - make himself.